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October 2012
Current Comic: GD 148
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new YouTube video test

I've just reposted the signup lists for commissions. It'll stay up until March 28th and I'll officially begin working on the monday.
The address for the list is the same as before:

Awesome! The news page works again! At least that's some good news this week. Still, I can't wait for this week to be over with <:C

Sorry for the long delay in getting back here.
Since monday I've finally been able to get things back under control, starting with GD 101.
Knocking on wood that this issue continues to pour smoothly into the mold I outlined. Anyway, I'm going to start putting previews up here for some stuff that isn't too spoiling.
Also I'll be able to begin working on comic strips again soon.
Thanks for being patient.

Seems you can't run a website these days anymore without hackers ruining everything. Sorry you guys.

GD100 is finished at last, and I love this story!
48 pages long, I spent all month working on this, the conclusion to the story that began with Britanny's abduction in issue 60! (never did a book this big in a month before by the way.) And with that many pages, I got to do everything I wanted for the story. (Well almost everything. I coulda used just one more page... but ah well. I ran outta space just at the right time during planning.)

Next is SDCC. more animation and prep for issue 101.
issue 101 is my chance to tackle everything from a fresh perspective. I've been dying for an excuse to take advantage of some new, agile literary techniques I've been studying. Creating stories you don't need to know the entire history of the plot for, and making them easier to get into. Enabling anyone to start anywhere! My problem before was that I love dynamic characters. But Dynamic characters change, and change means history. But how do you have dynamic characters and still allow someone to know the story after missing a few months of history? Heheh. I solved that riddle... and no recaps necessary.
Anyway, long story short, if you ever wanted to read GD, 101 is an awesome place for you!

For now, I'm outta time. Gotta get ready for Diego! See you monday!

*ATTENTION* This site had malicious code inserted by a hacker. Please scan your computers if you visited between 7/18/2008 - 7/20/2008 to be sure you weren't infected. the malicious code has been removed.

I know it's been a while since I updated this area. But I've been really burning the midnight oil on work in general and the third installment of the animation for GD in particular. I'm really glad I took the time to work on those side projects. "Misi's Mom" and "Pirate" helped me sharpen skills that I put to use in the production. The practice totally paid off! Most of the action sequences are done. I'm working on the secondary and support scenes! I'm really proud of whats on the table right now... when I get some dialog scenes done (the easy stuff is for last) I'll put together a little trailer for you all!

I finally finished Feb's work load and man was I tired. Still a bit bushed actually. Lots of little things were constantly coming up to take small bites out of my schedule and I watched helplessly as my time nickel-and-dimed down to empty. I didn't do everything I wanted to for February, but at least I got to do everything I had to. Tonight I'll work on updating the website. I'm still really drowsy.
Time is like holding a big bowl of precious marbles while rollerskating down a long hill and trying to talk to everyone who calls on your cell phone. Somethings gonna drop.

Whew. It's been a while since I updated hasn't it.
It's all for a good cause. I had a lot to do during December and January and for the longest time it's been work-work-work.
I have taken breaks for time to time, but the schedule still has been very very tight. Not the start I'd hoped for for the new year.
On a positive note, I think my animation skill has increased a bit from the work I'm doing. Focusing on timing, control and transition is key now. I'm still working on the action scenes but now I really want to control the pacing to get the most out of a fast pace. Always learning.
This month I have to focus on Edgeguard. Starting tonight I'll be doing a ton of Edgeguard comics. Meanwhile, LVLUP will be on hiatus till March. If I have extra time I'll do something, but I'd really like to get EdgeGuard some of the extra attention it's long overdue for.

Lately I've been scripting a new Tifanny and Charlotte story for Jennifer Anderson. I've been inspired by something old and something new. Azumanga Daioh and Mission: Magic! If you've never heard of the later, don't worry it's an oldie! Still they mix beautifully into something I can't wait to serve up!

Oops. There is the clock! Time to get back to it.
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